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Let us share with you our experience of spa treatment in Bludov and introduce our health institution to you. Our philosophy is: To help people to be healthy by means of spa treatment is good, to teach them how they can help themselves is, however, even better.


The state-owned Bludov Spa is situated in the northern part of Moravia, 6 km from Šumperk. The Lords of Žerotín used the local thermal springs as early as the 16th century. Prof. MUDr. Mladějovský, a Prague expert on spa treatment, carried out an analysis of its waters in 1926 and determined them to be natural, mineral, thermal and therapeutic.

Our spa guests are told at the beginning:

If you are not content with your present health situation, you can revise it by means of spa treatment. If you wish to reach a higher level of your physical activity, vigour and health, make a new binding DECISION: you do not want to be only a passive observer, but an active participant of the healing spa program. Your body is the only thing that must endure your entire life. It is your only real property therefore it is worth being taken care of. Our whole medical team will be of help to you.



  • nephritis, urinary tract infections, enuresis
  • health conditions following urinary tract surgery
  • child obesity and youth obesity
  • repeated catarrhs of the upper respiratory tract with compromised immunity (also hay fever, bronchitis, short-winded children, asthma, laryngitis, sinusitis, otitis media)
  • health conditions following injuries to the locomotive apparatus, scoliosis, backaches.


We offer our adult patients an allowance spa treatment for arthronosos, rachiopathy, and tendon diseases. We apply all traditional spa procedures in the fields of balneology, physiotherapy and therapeutic rehabilitation. Nevertheless, they are not a part of the treatment in all cases, as there are detoxication programmes aimed at deacidification and purification of the entire body and weight reduction.

  • hydrocolon therapy (purification of colon using filtered warm water)
  • infra sauna (excretion of toxins from the body
  • biotheric (dry carbonic baths)
  • Bodystat (a programme of weight adjustment)
  • Oberon (a complete body analysis)
  • Green pharmacy, dietary regimen, relaxation, music therapy, aromatherapy.

The Bludov spa is the only medical facility, which teaches the new breathing technique called ENDOGENOUS BREATHING using the TDI 01 trainer, circular, breathing and playing the didgeridoo. The existing experience with these methods has shown considerable improvements in all indications treated by us.

Other activities

spa tourism, curative stays

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