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Dolní Lipová Spa is a climatic spa open throughout the year. Due to the amount of mountain vegetation and the Baltic air stream, the climate is agreeably humid with considerable temperature differences depending on the altitude. The healing character of the local climate has been utilised for almost 170 years.

The village Lipová-lázně is located in the Jeseník district lying in the most northern projection of Moravia, Moravian Silesia. The boundary of its region is marked by the mountain ranges of the Hrubý Jeseník and the Rychlebské Mountains in the south and the west. The northern region opens into the Nisa Lowland. The circle closes in the east area in the Zlatohorská Highlands. Visitors are mostly attracted by the wide choice of summer tourism and winter sports.

There are many recreational facilities, mainly at guesthouses and hotels, the Bobrovník campsite, the ski centre in Miroslav equipped with three ski tows, artificial snow, and night operation. The surrounding mountain ranges offer various cross-country skiing tracks. There are opportunities for cyclotourism, hiking, stalactite and stalagmite caves, castles, chateaux, country cottages, antiquities, swimming, tennis, squash, foot volleyball and dance parties.

Therapeutic procedures

The spa has a long tradition in the treatment of metabolic and skin diseases, obesity, thyroid disorders, fat metabolism disorders (hyperlipoproteinemia), sugar metabolism disorders (diabetes mellitus) and all non-infectious chronic forms of skin diseases. When treating psoriasis we also treat its most feared complication – psoriatic arthritis – joint disablement. Not only does the spa treat adults, but also children from the age of 3. Children aged 3 to 6 may, however, stay only accompanied by an adult. We offer treatment facilities based on the original Schroth therapy for private patients. Dolní Lipová spa utilises all available modern healing and rehabilitation procedures to treat its patients – diet treatments, both generally and locally applied medicaments, a complete scale of physiotherapeutic procedures, various forms of light treatment (photo therapy) and movement (kinesiotherapy), baths with additives and massage. The spa is in a sub-mountain, calmer cooler climate; a quiet environment with helpful staff that creates well-being conditions hard to find anywhere else, all of which contribute to your psychologico-physical balance.


The Dolní Lipová spa specialises mainly in the treatment of:

  • skin diseases (indication groups. X and XXX)
  • metabolic and endocrine diseases (indication groups IV a XXIV)
  • adult, children and youth obesity

It provides both complete spa services, fully covered by health insurance and additional treatment and treatment of private patients. The therapeutic programme of a patient is chosen individually based on a complete entrance examination carried out by the spa physician. We incorporate modern and tested therapeutic procedures to treat our patients. The treatment of dermatological indications is based on popular herbal and other baths with additives, all forms of phototherapy, medicaments applied locally (eventually completely), psychotherapy, and diet therapy. The potentialities of treating psoriatic arthritis (joint disablement) have been considerably extended. Most of all, we use kinetic therapy accomplished in accordance with the modern principles of therapeutic rehabilitation to achieve medical influence on this feared complication of psoriasis. We supplement the therapy with various sorts of physical therapy – mechanotherapy including sonography, thermo therapy (paraffin, cryogenic treatment), photo therapy (laser), electrotherapy, magneto therapy, and hydrotherapy according to the current condition of the patient. The basic treatment of patients suffering from thyroid pathologies is climate therapy. The sub-mountain climate contributes a clearly positive influence onto these diseased states, proven from long experience. Conditions after thyroid surgery are subject to our attempts to eliminate the eventual postoperative consequences of the surgery itself; we monitor the adequacy and quality of function of thyroid hormones. The core of treating patients suffering from disorders of sugar and lipid metabolism in Dolní Lipová Spa consists in diet therapy, kinetic regime, and educational programmes, the supplementing programme then takes into consideration the current state of the sick person. Laboratory monitoring of the treatment effects is an integral part.

Turistické informace

Lázeňská 248
790 61, Lipová- Lázně