Jadrníček Brewery

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Náměšť na Hané

The Jadrníček brewery was started in 2014 and specializes in brewing beer based on traditional procedures and recipes that is made exclusively from Czech ingredients: Moravian malt, Žatec hops, brewer's yeast and water from local sources.

The brewery follows up the tradition of beer brewing in Náměšť na Hané, which dates back to 1590 and was interrupted in 1905.

The microbrewery's selection:

  • Jadroš 11° - light lager
  • Palírník 12° - light lager
  • Tmavý Jadroš 13° - black special

All offered varieties of beer are unfiltered and non-pasteurized.

Visitors to the microbrewery can enjoy our non-smoking brew-house with WiFi and a capacity of 30 people.

Turistické informace

Komenského 318
783 44 Náměšť na Hané