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Karlova Studánka lies on the south-east slopes of the Hrubý Jeseník mountains in an important tectonic zone called “Bělský zlom” (Bělá fault), running from Bruntál through the village of Bělá to the region of Horní Lipová. The favourable hydro-geologic conditions of this spot enabled the emergence of carbonic mineral waters. The surrounding countryside has a mountain climatic character and is distinguished by extraordinarily clean air. The Bílá Opava River and the surrounding forest stands add to the higher concentration of negative ions that strengthen body defences.


Mineral water, a natural healing force, has been known in Karlova Studánka since ancient times. The mineral waters were first chemically examined in 1780 following the request of Franz Maxmilian, Grandmaster of the Order of the Teutonic Knights, who also gave his name to the first spring. The first spa building was built at this spring in 1785. This spa resort was then named after the archduke Karl Louis – the grandson of Maria Theresa – Karlova Studánka. The springs named Vladimír and Petr were dug in the 1960s.

Therapeutic procedures

The main natural healing material is the natural, medium-mineralised carbonic mineral water of the calcium hydrogen carbonate type, with an increased content of silica acid. The springs are utilised for carbonic baths and drinking cures. Gas baths utilising the springs’ gas are being established. Peat fields are usable in peloid therapy. The pure mountain forest environment with its high content of negative ions provides a healing climate having favourable effects in treating the mucus membranes of the respiratory system supporting the immune system through breathing and allergies and asthma treatment. Another effective spa procedure is electrotherapy and rehabilitation – individual exercises, classical massage and reflexology, manual lymph drainage, physiotherapeutic and rehabilitation care according to Le Brüger’s concept. The procedures are performed under the surveillance of highly qualified staff that permanently extend their qualifications by participating in other more specialised courses.


• oncological patients after having finished their complex treatment with no traces of relapse • hypertension diseases of type I-III. • malfunctions of extremities veins • conditions following upper and lower respiratory surgery (UR and LR) • hypertrophied or atrophied inflammations of the UR, ozaena in a systematic professional treatment, chronic sinusitis and sino-bronchitis, systematically treated • larynx and vocal cord damage as an after-effect of vocal overload • hay fever diagnosed by an allergy specialist, systematically treated • conditions following repeated or complicated pneumonia • chronic bronchitis, systematically treated, including chronic mucopurulent and bronchiectasy, relapsing inflammations of the LR and chronic inflammations of the respiratory system caused by the risk of fibrogenous dust accompanied with malfunction of the lungs • obstructive chronic bronchitis • bronchial asthma in all stages and of all etiologic types • interstitial lung fibrosis of any aetiology through long-term treatment, including pneumoconiosis of all stages • the after-effects of damage, such as toxic impact of gases, smoke inhalation, corrosive vapours and aggressive dust particles on the UR and LR. The spas provide care and recondition stays for private patients, holiday programmes and congress tourism programmes in addition to complete and single procedure spa care. The programme takes into consideration the current condition of the ill person. Laboratory work is an integral part of observing post therapy effects.

Offer of other services

Special 1–2 week programmes: “Healthy Holiday”, “Prolong Your Life”, “Special Holiday”, programmes for families, New Year’s programmes, opportunities to take advantage of the ideal winter conditions on the site and its environs from December to April, ideal hikings conditions in the middle of the Protected Nature Region of the Jeseníky Mountains, and the opportunity to organise congresses during the off-season (October – April) are some of the additional services. Guests are offered a selection of 6–7 different main courses a day. There is also a post office, a cash dispenser, an information centre, an Internet café, a bodybuilding centre with a gym, shopping, pubs, and accommodations. An outdoor geological exhibition containing over 300 pieces is unique in the Czech Republic and it illustrates the geology of the whole Jeseníky region in one spot.

Spa Buildings

Spa guests are treated and accommodated in newly reconstructed historic buildings which meet the discerning demands of our clients. The healing procedures take place in the buildings Letní Lázně (Summer Spa), Libuše, Orlík and Vyšetřovací ústav (Examination Institute), where a functioning biochemical laboratory using top methods of determining trace elements in the human body and the reception desk are located. The spa buildings Libuše, Slezský dům (Silesian House), Opava, Bezruč, Pošta (Post Office) and U Lesa (At the Woods) are equipped with first-class rooms with bath, WC, telephone and TV.

Other activities

spa tourism, curative stays

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