The Cave Na Pomezí

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The Cave Na Pomezí A signicant amount of these caves discovered in the year 1936 rank among the so-called living caves. New stalactites and stalagmites are being formed here along with older stalactite formations. Na Pomezí Caves are the largest cave system in the Czech Republic and came into being through dissolving marble. The underground and surface waters of Vidnávka stream are responsible for the emergence of these majestic natural spaces.

Pay a visit to the more than half kilometre long trails through the caves, the picturesque character of which can be ascertained from the names themselves: the Ice and White Houses, U Smuteční vrby (at the Weeping Willow), Římské lázně (Roman Baths), Klenotnice (Jewelry Box), Královský komín (the Royal Chimney)... The typical karst formations include a giant pressure cooker, dug out flowing and swirling water, dripping shapes forming cascades, huge jagged stalactites and stalagmites and a mysterious small lake.

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