Tovačov ponds

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The ponds in Tovačov are thought to have been established by Jan Tovačovský of Cimburk, one of the notable owners of the local chateau and the surrounding dominion.

In the course of the Thirty Years' War, the ponds in Bohemia and Moravia were badly damaged and some of them were never renovated. In the 18th century, the majority of the water reservoirs were drained off. The four Tovačov ponds, the Hradecký Pond (154 ha), Kolečko (5.6 ha), Křenovský Pond (16 ha) and Náklo (6 ha), were gradually renovated after World War II. Here you can see various orders of birds - Anseriformes, Ciconiiformes, Shorebirds, Falconiformes or perching birds.

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  • Every year, approximately in the middle of October, there is a popular net fishing event at the Hradecký Pond.