Velký Kosíř Nature Park

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Velký Kosíř Nature Park is located in the south-east spur of the Bouzov highlands. Its pride is the silhouette of Velký Kosíř peak, elevation 442 m, the highest peak in Haná. The harmonious landscape of this park is mostly made up of forest growth but one can also find chiselled fault cliffs here.

The south part of Velký Kosíř is covered by stunted oaks and xerophilous vegetation in places. On the east and south-east portion its Devonian limestone will intrigue the visitor. The natural cover of the park was originally thermophilic oak, over which however firs and pines have grown. The entire nature park is botanically valuable. During a walk one is surrounded by rich vegetation, which is also home to many insects. Several important protected land areas are located here, including the national nature monument Růžičkův quarry with its significant Paleontological finds, and the national nature monument Státní quarry with its Devonian fossils. And the Andělova pit is worth mentioning, where oaks, moss and lichen grow. As is the natural monument Brus, which one can recognise via its wooded side with thermophilic vegetation. Less observable, due to its number of anthills, is the Studený Kout natural monument.

The village of Čechy pod Kosířem is located in the western portion of the nature park. No visitor should omit its Empire chateau, where one can rest in its extensive park with many rare woods. Inside the chateau is Mánes Hall, where a number of works by that artist, who often resided there, hang. Another attraction in Čechy pod Kosířem is the largest firemen?s museum in Moravia. And Slatinice, famous for its radioactive spa (mostly treating patients with locomotory disorders), is worth a look.

The area is accessible via marked hiking trails, for example from Čechy pod Kosířem (bus), Čelechovice na Hané (bus, train) and Slatinice (bus, train). Recommended cycling trail: Těšetice - Čechy pod Kosířem - Těšetice (32 km)

An instructional nature trail goes through the nature park (length 10 km - circle, number of stations 10), which can be travelled on foot or on bicycle. It begins and ends in the village of Čelechovice (bus). From the summit of Velký Kosíř the yellow marked hiking trail, with an instructional nature trail detour with 4 stations, goes to Slatinice.

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