Minipivovar Kosíř

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The minibrewery is located approximately 17 km from Olomouc, at the highest peak of the ethnographic region Haná, Velký Kosíř (442 meters). It offers traditionally brewed Czech beers, which are unfiltered and unpasteurized in order to offer the best taste. The basic production of the minibrewery is the a 12° lager called Gabriell, and a semi-dark 11° beer called Haltýř. In the course of a year, it is also possible to taste many seasonal specials.

The beer can be tasted together with various snacks directly in a tavern which is part of the mini-brewery.

Recommendation from Taste Hana:

  • Cracklings spread with bread
  • Homemade sausage, mustard, bread
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Address and contact

Lhota pod Kosířem 10
783 44 Drahanovice