Don't miss the idyll by the sea

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The surface of Slezská Harta glitters at the foot of the youngest volcanoes in the Czech Republic, which are part of the Low Jeseník. The youngest dam in the Czech Republic was created on the Moravice River due to the need to strengthen the lower Kružberk dam. Today, however, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in our region. And there is definitely no shortage of full-fledged summer relaxation.
Grassy beaches offer great refreshment in the clear water, which originates in the highest parts of the Jesenice mountains. However, swimming at sunset or fishing in the quiet bays, above which the morning mist rises, are not the only tempting offer of the dam. It is from the dock in Leskovec nad Moravicí that a scaled-down replica of Columbus' sailboat Santa Maria regularly sails for romantic cruises. Sightseeing cruises are also offered by the steel catamaran Harta, which you can board with a pram or a bike. If you do not want to wait for these vessels to leave, rent a four-seater motor boat, pedal boat or paddleboard. However, if you have bigger ambitions, a cabin sailboat rental and a sailing school are also available at Slezská Harta. And believe me, one way or another, you will remember the hot summer day spent at Slezská Harta for a long time and will return soon.