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Foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains

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On the border of the flat Haná and Jeseníky Mountains lies an area that will surprise you with its diversity - the hilly landscape slowly transitions into the plain, which is surrounded by three natural parks like a green ring.

Natural beauty

North of the town of Šternberk, the landscape of the Sovinecko Nature Park rises into the hills, whose name is derived from the Sovinec Castle. East of Sovinecko you will find the Bystřice Valley Nature Park, which will enchant you with its romantic wildness. Similarly, the Březná Nature Park is located in a wild corner of northwestern Moravia, on the border between Moravia and Bohemia.

Ecce Homo landscape

Who doesn't know the famous Ecce Homo hill climb races that made the town of Šternberk famous throughout Europe? But did you know that these races also have a veteran version? You can learn more about the history of the races in the Ecce Homo Park, which you can find along with other interesting exhibitions in the Sternberg Monastery. The dominant feature of Šternberk is undoubtedly the local castle, which attracts visitors to several sightseeing tours and a number of events. You should not miss the Exposition of Time, which maps the way time was measured in different periods of mankind.

Slow down for a while on the plain and then back to the hills

From Šternberk to Úsov there is a flat landscape, in the centre of which is the royal town of Uničov, where you can visit the picturesque town hall or one of the local museums. And then back to the hills again - the Úsov Uplands with the town of Úsov beckons you. Except for the castle, which houses the Hunting and Forestry Museum, you should not miss a tour of the local Jewish monuments.A short distance from Úsov, you can be enchanted by the smell and taste of lavender at the Lavender Farm in Bezděkov, or climb to the highest peak of the Úsov Upland - Bradlo, which is known as the Moravian Blaník, because even in its bowels, according to legend, knights sleep.

The fertile Mohelnická brázda

From Zábřeh to Mohelnice stretches an elongated and relatively narrow lowland known as the Mohelnická brázda, which has the character of a plain with minimal differences in height. The Morava River winds through the centre of this area, which still flows through the original meandering riverbed in places, and paddlers will certainly be delighted by its descent. Do you prefer romantic ruins? In that case, head to the ruins of Brníčko Castle just outside Zábřeh. Lovers of technical monuments will be attracted by the Railway Open Air Museum in Lupěně.

Do you prefer adrenaline? Try the Acrobat park in Štíty.

And what else should not miss your attention?

You should definitely not miss Loštice, where Olomouc tvarůžky has its "home". You can learn all about this gastronomic specialty in the local museum and we recommend you taste the unusual tvarůžky specialties in the Tvarůžková Cukrárna.

The Moravian Trail winds along the Morava River. You can explore the witches' cycle route and learn about the witch trials. An interesting combination of cycling and local products is offered by the Taste Moravia on a Bike cycle route.

Mohelnice furrow - between Jeseníky and HanaÚsovská vrchovina and Moravský BlaníkŠternberk and its surroundings - through the Ecce Homo landscapeRomantic and wild Bystřice valley.

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