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One of the largest collections of pipes in the Czech Republic, special costumed tours for children, an adventurous Fairy Tale Park, beautiful interiors with original features - this is what the majestic Javorník Castle boasts.

The reddish façade of the Jánský Vrch Chateau on a rocky hill above Javorník is located in a strategic position with a wide view of the surroundings. The original castle and the surrounding estate belonged to the bishopric of Wroclaw from the middle of the 14th century. The composer Karel Ditters of Dittersdorf (who was more famous than W.A. Mozart in his time) spent his best years here.

Visitors can choose from several sightseeing tours.

The first leads through the representative chambers with preserved 19th century furnishings and presents a chapel with valuable sculptures and paintings, unique 200-year-old curtains or one of the largest collections of pipes in the Czech Republic. The second tour guides visitors through the castle's outbuildings and shows how the servants and the caretaker lived and how cooking and laundry was done at Jánský Vrch. The attic is also open to tourists, and on the third floor of the castle, in the former inn rooms, an exhibition is held every year, especially for children visitors.


What is it like to be a castellan? Find out in this interview!

During the summer season, costumed tours are prepared for children - not only the guide will show up in period costume - in a borrowed princess or knight costume, children have the opportunity to take a tour full of games, riddles, and fairy tales. Easter and Christmas-themed tours are regularly held at the castle, and the haunted and fairy tours that take place every September have also gained great popularity.

There is still a trace of the former musical fame of the place, with the annual Karl Ditters Festival from Dittersdorf as well as the Castle Cultural Summer, when musicians play live during the tours of Jánský vrch.

The castle cannot be reached directly by car. You can park on the square, and then walk to the castle by stairs (a more difficult climb), or by a more comfortable route through the castle park (about 10 min).

Tip for accommodation

Romantic environment of the guesthouse and camp Račí údolí.


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Národní kulturní památka
Státní zámek Jánský Vrch
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Famous personalities

  • Karel Ditters z Dittersdorfu