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Velké Losiny
Bezbariérový cíl

The village of Velké Losiny is situated in the foothills of the Hrubý Jeseník mountains. The most remarkable sights of the Šumperk region are concentrated here – a unique factory for handmade paper from the 17th century and a Renaissance chateau.

Healing procedures

Natural sulphuric thermal water is the main therapeutic means (bubble baths, water immersion massages, Hubard baths….). The Žerotín spring (36.2 °C on leaving the ground) waters both the indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Another effective spa procedure is rehabilitation.

A wide range of procedures are used in the framework of physical therapy – electrotherapy, paraffin packs, sonography….


We specialise in treating neurological diseases of both adult patients and children.

Adult after CNS injuries, apoplectic seizures, after having suffered Lyme borreliosis, inflammations of the nervous system, poliomyelitis, muscular tissue afflictions – myopathy…

Children poliomyelitis, conditions after CNS inflammations, conditions after CNS injuries, conditions with muscular tissue affliction – myopathy…

Motions and procedures in thermal sulphuric water are excellent in the treatment of children suffering from disorders of the locomotive apparatus – scoliosis and backaches. We treat children with respiratory diseases: allergies, bronchial asthma, upper and lower respiratory airways, including convalescence after repeated pneumonia. Warm sulphuric water is convenient also to treat rheumatism, arthrosis, back aches, joint aches, they help during convalescence after fractures and artificial joint surgeries.

Spas Buildings

The present classical spa premises consist of four therapy pavilions: Eliška, Božena, Chaloupka, Šárka.

The accommodation capacity has been extended to accessible modern facilities which meet the requirements of our most demanding clients: the Terasa boarding house, the boarding house U lázní, the boarding house U parku, the Praděd hotel, the bath house Lolinka.

Turistické informace

Lázeňská 323
788 15, Velké Losiny