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Lesánek Nature Trail

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Go with Lesánek the Elf to Litovelské Pomoraví. There are 5 stops with interactive elements and climbing frames. As the whole route is marked with signs with the leprechaun on existing cycle routes, it is advisable to take it as a bike ride.

The children will be introduced to the animal inhabitants of the local forests by Lesánek the Elf on the nature trail.

You will follow the Lesánek NS (also referred to as the Lesánek cycle route), which is an eight-kilometre circuit starting and ending in Litovel. There are five stops along the way, where you will find climbing and play elements, benches and information boards about nature. Lesánek's NS starts a short distance from the Jan Opletal Gymnasium - from Přemysl Otakar Square you can reach the start of the NS after 4. In the first part of the nature trail, it runs simultaneously with the NS Meadows of Litovelsko Pomoraví. Following these jointly guided routes we will pass through Šargoun to the crossroads "Most přes Bahenku", where Lesánek's NS will turn left and join the cycle route No. 6027 and together they will lead us back to Litovel. Before Litovlje, the NS turns left and leads us back to the starting point.

Route information

8.4 km
6 m
6 m
Highest point:
233 m. a. s. l.
Lowest point:
228 m. a. s. l.

Height profile