Devil's Stones

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Česká Ves

It is one of the most popular climbing destinations. It consists of a rock formation, 40 m high and 100 m long. It also gave its name to a tourist hut that was built in its vicinity at the beginning of the 20th century.

While the Czech name of the rocky area Čertovy kameny (Devil's Stones) is linked to an ancient legend, the German name Harichstein (Harich's Stones) is derived quite prosaically from the name of the owner of the land. The climb to the top is secured by chains, from the platform at the top you can see Jeseník, Zlatohorsko and Rychleby or the valley of the Bela river stretching from Jeseník to Mikulovice and further to the Polish plains with a view to the Otmuchov Lake.

Čertovy kameny is very popular with climbers, the rocks reach a height of up to 25m. It is the most important and also the most difficult area in Jeseniky. The rock area consists of several towers and rim rocks. The rock consists of igneous pegmatite. It is very strong and provides beautiful climbing on slabs, in perpendicular and overhanging walls. The routes are belayed with rings and rivets. On the tops of the towers there are rappelling rings. The ascents are marked with a number and, for the harder routes, with the difficulty (RP); in total, there are about 90 routes of difficulty III to IX.

The Devil's Stones hut with restaurant and accommodation is located at 694 m above sea level, about 50 m from the Devil's Stones themselves. The chalet is easily accessible from the town of Jeseník, about 2 km away on an asphalt road. Čertovy kameny is located at an altitude of 694 m above sea level on the hillside of one of the dominant features of the Jesenik region - the top of Zlatý chlum (stone lookout tower from 1899).


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