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Šternberk Castle

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One of the oldest castles in northern Moravia, the cradle of the Moravian branch of the Sternberg family. It offers three sightseeing tours in the summer tourist season and visits to various events throughout the year.

Remains of the original Gothic castle fortification and a cylindrical tower, whose masonry is 4 m thick and which formed the centre of the castle's defence in times of danger, have been preserved. It was later often rebuilt, expanded and modified. The rich interior of the castle impresses with its 14th-19th century decorations and works of Dutch, Italian, German and Czech sculpture and painting. The rooms and large halls are decorated with a series of vaults or wooden beamed and coffered ceilings. The collection of original Renaissance and Baroque tile stoves is very rare. The castle kitchen is also a unique space.

History of the castle

Originally a defensive medieval mansion with a preserved cylindrical tower and the remains of the fortifications of the main palace. The castle was rebuilt and extended from a defensive residence in the 1470s. Bishop Albert II of Sternberg, an important church dignitary and influential diplomat, used the castle as his residence. The bishop's attention was focused on the chapel, which he had decorated in the style prevalent at the court of Charles IV.

In the 16th century, thanks to the Berk family of Dubá and Lipá, the castle was reconstructed in the Renaissance style. After a large-scale fire, the castle was rebuilt and extended with a Renaissance wing with the so-called Hall of Visits. The Berks also had a system of farm and administrative buildings built. The history of the castle is also linked to the Hussite Wars and the Thirty Years' War, during which the town and the castle suffered greatly.

In 1699, the castle became the property of the Liechtensteins. The castle was not used for a long time and fell into disrepair. It was not until 1886 that it was decided to overhaul the castle according to a design by the Viennese architect Karl Gandolph Kayser in the spirit of Romantic historicism. The Liechtensteins owned Šternberk until 1945, when it was expropriated by Benes Decrees.

The basic tour I has wheelchair access. It includes the chapel, the corridor and the rooms of the first floor equipped with furnishings of the last owners. The length of the tour is about 60 minutes.




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Do you know

  • Among regular events, we recommend visiting the open air festival in the Šternberský hill castle area or the August special tours of the castle with the opportunity to try on historical costumes.
  • Šternberk Castle offers the rental of the so-called Feast Hall for social or corporate events. More information at www.conventionok.cz