Javoříčko Caves

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Some of the most beautiful caves are located in the Špraněk Protected Nature Area. Parts of these three-storey caverns, which have not yet revealed their full mystery, were discovered in 1938 after arduous crawling; difficult exploration of other rooms continued in the 1950s.

Your imagination will come alive at a view of the mysterious lower chamber, not open to the public. The difficult labyrinth is woven by passages connected to a chasm which falls to a depth of 60 metres and has not yet been fully explored.

You will stand in wonder in the Fairy Tale Cave, the Hall of a Thousand Quills or the two magnificent cathedrals of nature - the Talus Cathedral and the Cathedral of Giants, ornamented in fabulous limestone formations. You will be astonished at the helictites, stalactites growing against the laws of gravity. The Špraněk instructional nature trail leads around the caves, offering further natural wonders.

Turistické informace

783 24 Slavětín u Litovle
Opening hours
June-September; Tuesday-Sunday; 09:00 - 17:00
October; Tuesday-Sunday; 09:00 - 15:00
November; Monday-Friday; 10:00 - 13:00
Circle 790 m (60 min); basic 130 CZK | seniors 90 CZK | reduced 70 CZK
Circle 360 m (40 min); basic 110 CZK | seniors 80 CZK | reduced 60 CZK