Malá Morávka

The majestic symbol of the Jeseníky Mountains - this is Praděd. The highest mountain of Moravia and Silesia (1492 m) is situated right on the border of the Olomouc and Moravian-Silesian regions.

Praděd is an important crossroads of hiking (cycling and walking) trails. The highest ski resort in the Czech Republic is located nearby. The peak and its wide surroundings fall within the Praděd National Nature Reserve. It includes the Praděd Peak, Bílá Opava, Divoký důl, Petrovy kamenyy and Velká and Malá kotlina, where you can find rare alpine communities, forest stands of a forest-like character or glacial karas. Strict conditions apply throughout the reserve to protect this regional jewel.

Lookout tower

Between 1912 and 1959, a neo-Gothic lookout tower stood on the summit. The current tower was built in 1983. The lookout tower is located on the second, higher glass platform of the Praděd TV transmitter at a height of 73 m from the base of the tower and is also accessible by lift.The altitude of the tower is 1562.8 m above sea level, which is the second highest point in the Czech Republic. The tower itself (146.5 m) rises 35 m above the top of Sněžka.The tower offers a wide view in good weather, especially in autumn and winter, when you can see the Giant Mountains (126 km), Beskydy Mountains (105 km), and Mala Fatra (150 km).

There is also a restaurant and a hotel right in the building.


Do you know

  • Praděd has been a popular destination for mountain visitors since the 2nd half of the last century.
  • At the top of the mountain you will find the boundary stone of the Order of German Knights and Bishops of Wrocław from 1721.