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Kouty nad Desnou

It is one of the oldest buildings in the Jeseníky region and is one of the most popular places for refreshments and overnight stays both in winter and summer.

It was built in 1887, but the history of the shelter on this site goes back even further. The Swiss chalet is a prime example of the transformation of a shepherd's hut into a classic mountain chalet.

Today it serves as a reliable base for hiking and cross-country skiing enthusiasts. A number of hiking trails lead from the chalet: The main ridge trail (red trail) leads from Červenohorské sedlo past Švýcárna to Praděd, to Ovčárna and further to the Alfrédce hut at the southern end of Hrubý Jeseník or from Barborka to Karlova Studánka.

The blue trail then follows the valley through Vysoký vodopád to Bělá. The yellow trail leads through Videlské sedlo to the famous Rejvíz guesthouse. In the opposite direction, the green trail descends to Kouty nad Desnou.


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