Ridgeway of the Olomouc Region

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Králický Sněžník - Kladské sedlo - Chlupenkovec - Paprsek - Smrk - Borůvková Hora - Ramzovské sedlo - Šerák - Keprník - Vozka - Červenohorské sedlo - Praděd. The route will take you over the peaks of all the mountains near the border with Poland and Germany. It was marked more than 100 years ago. The Ridge Route in the Olomouc Region is part of the Czech-Polish Ridge Route, whose peak route leads from the Liberec Region through the Hradec Králové, Pardubice and Olomouc Regions to Praděd. In our region it crosses three mountain ranges. The southern branch descends here from the top of Králický Sněžník, while the northern branch winds through the Rychleby Mountains. Above Ramzová, the two routes join to take the pilgrim along the Hrubý Jeseník Ridge to Praděd, the highest mountain in Moravia and the starting/finishing point of the Hřebenovka.

How the route leads

Králický Sněžník, referred to in geography textbooks as the "roof of Europe", is the third highest mountain in the Czech Republic. Its ridge stretches for about 16 km from the town of Králíky to Kladské sedlo on the border of Bohemia, Moravia and Kladsko.

Although you are in the area below the ridge, where there are not so many options for accommodation, we recommend you stay at the Mountain Hut Návrší or for the less demanding hikers directly in the shelter at Adele's Spring. A special, original feature here is the spring leading directly into the shelter. In addition, there is also a fireplace, so a little toast in your backpack will definitely come in handy. Another remarkable stop on the route awaits you at the Chapel of Our Lady, which originally served as a pilgrimage site. It has stood on this site since 1887 and was built to thank the errant for finding the way. Red hiking signs lead you from here further towards the Kladský saddle, which separates Králický Sněžník from the Rychlebské hory.

The Rychlebské hory ridge is one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. There are not as many tourists as in other regions, and yet it offers beautiful and unexpected views, for example of Sněžka or Králický Sněžník, and from different angles than we are used to. From Kladský sedlo you continue over the Chlupenkovec hill and Medvědí bouda until you reach the vicinity of the Paprsek Mountain Chalet, which you simply cannot leave without visiting the Chapel of St. Christopher. From the chalet you will go to Smrk (1127 m), which is the highest mountain in the mountain range. Here you can recharge your batteries in the tourist shelter.

If you want to immerse yourself, at least briefly, in the history of these places, visit the extinct settlement of Hraničky. When you pass through here, take some time to get acquainted with the history of this place...

Another inspiring place on the route that you should not miss is the chapel of St. Urban in Zálesí. But make no mistake, this is not just any chapel, it is the smallest mini gallery in the world, where art exhibitions are regularly held. Continue on towards the Saletta Spring (discovered in 1851), which became a place of visit for the faithful who came to the Pilgrimage Chapel of Our Lady of La Salette for its healing properties. More magical views can be enjoyed further along the route, enjoyed from Kovadlina and Blueberry Mountain (899 m above sea level), with the local border tower being an important tourist crossroads and stopover. However, the ridge in the Olomouc Region does not only run along the Czech-Polish border, its route also winds deep into the interior. From the Ramzovský sedlo, the trail ascends to Šerák (1351 m above sea level), where you should not forget to visit the Jiří tourist hut, which has been a stone treasure for more than 130 years and where you can admire the works of the Czech academic sculptor Otmar Oliva. Then the route continues along the main ridge of Hrubý Jeseník, through Keprník (1423 m above sea level) past Vozka (1377 m above sea level) and Kamenný okna to Červenohorský sedlo (1013 m above sea level), and from there on through the Švýcárna Tourist Hut to Praděd itself (1492 m above sea level), the highest mountain in the Jeseníky Mountains. There is no shortage of unspoilt nature, magnificent views, but also interesting stories along the route.


One of the stories relates to the nearby Vozka Mountain (1377 m above sea level). During the famine, it is said that a coachman and his carriage got stuck near this place and put bread under the wheels to get them out. He was punished for his extravagance - the poor man was petrified. It was after him that the peak was allegedly named Vozka. Naturally, we will not find out what is true about this story today. But we do know that the local view is breathtaking! Spending a clear evening up here under a sky full of stars is indescribable in words. Wait for the evening's magical view, the morning sunrise and the awakening of the mountain surroundings and enjoy those fascinating moments of light and shadows that will completely engulf you. If you can manage to combine a visit to all the places described above in good weather, your wandering around Hřebenovka in the Olomouc Region will undoubtedly be one of the best hiking experiences ever.


Along the route, don't miss a visit to the Paprsek Mountain Chalet, which offers a regional specialty in its cuisine - the famous homemade blueberry dumplings. Would you like to have one for your health? Then be sure to try the golden-coloured liqueur made from local herbs. It is named both after the Praděd Mountain and Praděd, the mythical protector of the Jeseníky Mountains. You can get it, for example, at the Švýcárna tourist lodge. Are you a beer lover? You will certainly not be in need of it here. The Holba Hanušovice brewery boasts various types of beer specials, which you can usually get at the mountain huts that are right along the Hřebenovka route.


Do you know

  • In case you want to follow the ridge route in the summer months, we recommend you find time and in the Rychlebské hory part of the route to go down to Žulová, to its southern edge - the settlement Starost, where you can enjoy a great swimming in the flooded Transgranit quarry.