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A set of Baroque fountains in Olomouc

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The set of six Baroque town fountains in Olomouc, which were built between 1683 and 1735, is declared a National Cultural Monument together with the Holy Trinity Column and the Marian Plague Column. The fountains are located in the busiest places in the historical centre of Olomouc. Due to their uniform time of creation and quantity, they are described as a European unique.

Not far away, the mythic hero Hercules dominates the first of the original baroque fountains, located in the historic center of the city. Sculptor Michal Mandík draw inspiration from the Roman mythology, like with the Neptun fountain on Dolní square, where the Jupiter fountain is also located. Horní square is decorated with the fountain of Caesar, the mythic founder of the city. Quite close, on the 8. května street you will find Mercury fountain, while the Tritons fountain is located on the Republiky square. The set of fountains in Olomouc is completed by the tiny Stone fountain with the lion's head from 1725, which was installed in Sokolská street after reconstruction. A unique view of all mysteriously lighted fountains is available in the night.

Caesar Fountain

The Caesar's fountain is the most famous and artistically complex fountain in Olomouc. Its sculptures represent the mythic founder of the city - Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar.

Hercules Fountain

The second oldest fountain in Olomouc was designed by Václav Render, plastic art is by Michael Mandík.

Jupiter Fountain

The Jupiter fountain was finished as the last from the set of six fountains in 1735, when the original sculpture of St. Florian was replaced by Jupiter and eagle. The new sculpture was designed by Filip Sattler.

Tritons Fountain

A fountain with sculptures inspired by Italian models is one of the first works of Olomouc stone carver Václav Render (1709).

Mercury Fountain

The fountain with a sculpture of Mercury, patron saint of salesmen, is a co-operation between Václav Render and Filip Sattler and considered to be the best baroque fountain in Olomouc.

Neptune Fountain

The Neptune fountain on the Dolní square is the first and oldest of six Olomouc baroque fountains. It dates back to 1683. A collaboration between sculptor Michael Mandík and stone cutter Václav Schüler.


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  • There are around 45 fountains or fountains in Olomouc, eight of which date back to the Baroque period.
  • Fountains were originally purely practical devices - they served as water tanks, yet each of the Baroque fountains has an original architectural design.